Somewhere Deep in a Burrow (2013) - to the tune of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"


Somewhere deep in a burrow

Fast asleep

Groundhogs dream of the spring and

Nap while the snow is deep


Though the winter is long you’re

Warm and snug

Yet you long for the smell of

Dirt as it’s freshly dug


Today awake and nose above and

Climb until the den is far behind you

Mid-winter light’s a welcome sight

But shadows cause a dreadful fright

So, wear a visor!


Six more weeks of the winter

Early spring

Please pronounce on the weather

What, Wise Ones, will it bring?


In Pennsylvania crowds await and

Gather bravely ‘round the famous burrow

But Punxatawney’s just one hog

You others share the whiskered jaw

Please claim your powers


Groundhogs, tell us the future

Our hearts long

Sunshine and early flowers

Tell us this winter’s gone


On Groundhog’s Day we all await

The marmot message

Speak to us this day



Groundhog rock band
Photo credits: Elena Handley