Groundhog Memory (2016) - to the tune of Memory from Cats



as I’m snug in my burrow

I lie happily dreaming

and the winter nights pass.

I remember

warm summer days

of flowers and sun.

Let the memory

Live again.



as the crowd waits to greet me

and I plan my appearance

as their prophet of hope.

They remember

predictions missed and

springtimes delayed.

Yet they gather

for my word.


Every February second

I take center stage.

I shout out loud:

“Another winter’s over,

Another spring is dawning!”



Foolish ones, do you know not

that each day brings us closer

to our beautiful spring?

‘til the meadows

grow green again

with lush things to eat,

Let the memory

Live again.



2016 Heigh Ho... Happy Groundhog Day
Photo credits: Alex Handley