Punxsutawney! (2017) - to the tune of Oklahoma!


Punxsutawney, where the sun comes right behind the snow

Where we throw a bash as cameras flash

For our furry hero down below


Punxsutawney, every year awaiting your big day

Gets us through the storm ‘til it gets warm

And your loyal fans all shout hurray!


For we know you’re asleep under land

 ‘Til the day when you hear crowd and band

And when you say,

“Hey, winter! Go away!”

You know we’re cheering:

You’re doing fine, Punxsutawney

Punxsutawney, PA.

P – U – NX – SU – TA – W – NE – Y




2017 Surfs up
Surfs up!
Photo credits: Laura and Joey Handley